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Robert Ware of Dedham, Massachusetts, left his home in Suffolk County, England, as a young man and landed at the Massachusetts Bay Colony between 1622 and 1640. We first find records of Robert as a settler in Dedham in 1642. Robert and his wife, Margaret Hunting, had ten children. Robert was a linen weaver, and lived and died in Dedham, Massachusetts. Ware family researchers have now located the original will of the father of Robert Ware of Dedham, Massachusetts, and we hope to submit an article for publication within the next year.

Benjamin Ware, Robert Ware of Dedham’s three-times great-grandson, born in 1773, lived in Gilsum, New Hampshire. He had twelve children who lived to adulthood. Five of these children resettled in Montgomery County, Illinois in an area known as Ware’s Grove, near Hillsboro, Illinois. Two other children of Benjamin Ware did not go to Illinois themselves, but some of their children relocated there. It was the descendants of these Wares, originally from Gilsum, NH, who created the Ware Family Association on October 8, 2000 in Montgomery County, Illinois on the same date that Ware’s Grove Lutheran Church, built in 1862, celebrated the 140th anniversary of the church.

The descendants of Robert Ware, to about the year 1900, were compiled by Emma Forbes Ware, an unmarried Ware descendant, who devoted years of her life to tracing the Ware ancestors. Her book, WARE GENEALOGY: ROBERT WARE OF DEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS, 1642-1699 AND HIS LINEAL DESCENDANTS, was published in 1901 and is a helpful source to all descendants who search for their Ware ancestors.

Visitors to our web pages may find it helpful to visit the online family tree created by WFA President Ann Mullins Tindall. Her tree is located at RootsWeb.com. Ann has entered not only the direct lineage of the Wares descended from the families that came from Gilsum, New Hampshire to Illinois, but also many other Ware lines that descend from the immigrant, Robert Ware.

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