Robert Ware’s Children

Ware Family Origins
Second Generation: Children of Robert Ware
by Emily Osborn
Note: The word “unknown” appears when dates and places of birth or death have not been determined. The plus sign indicates that descendants will be shown. Descendants who were not identified and included in Emma Ware Forbes’ genealogy do not appear.If you are descended from grandchildren who not shown on these pages, please share your family tree with us! At the bottom of this page we list other sources for this genealogical information. Most of the Illinois Ware and New England descendants who founded WFA are descended from Captain Benjamin Ware who is a descendant from John Ware, Sr.

Robert Ware shown with children

  1. Robert Ware1 was born about 1625 in England, and died April 19, 1699, in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He married (1) Margaret Hunting (sometimes spelled Huntinge) on March 24, 1644/45 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, daughter of John Hunting and Esther Seaborn. She was born ca. 1625 in Hoxne, Suffolk, England, and died August 26, 1670 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He married (2) Hannah Jones on May 03, 1676 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. She was born March 28, 1636, and died April 20, 1721.

Children of Robert Ware and Margaret Hunting:

  • + 2 i. John Ware, Sr., born October 06, 1646 in Dedham, Norfolk,Massachusetts; died April 7, 1718 in Wrentham, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
  • + 3 ii. Nathaniel Ware born October 07, 1648 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died July 10, 1724 in Wrentham, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
  • 4 iii. Margaret Ware, born February 14, 1650/51 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died July 22, 1664.
  • + 5 iv. Robert Ware, Jr., born August 01, 1653 in Dedham,Norfolk,  Massachusetts; died September 16, 1725 in Wrentham, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
  • + 6 v. Esther Ware, born September 28, 1655 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died September 03, 1734 in Wrentham, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
  • + 7 vi. Samuel Ware, born September 30, 1657 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died March 1730/31.
  • 8 vii. Ephriam Ware, born November 05, 1659 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died March 26, 1753 in Needham, Massachusetts. He married Hannah Herring July 13, 1685; born unknown; died July 10, 1738.
  • 9 viii. Elizabeth Ware, born November 19, 1661 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died unknown.
  • 10 ix. Joseph Ware, born September 08, 1663 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died September 22, 1663 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
  • + 11 x. Ebenezer Ware, born October 28, 1667 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died January 1765 in Needham, Massachusetts.

Sources for Robert Ware descendants: