The WFA Organization
The Ware Family Association was formed in the fall of 2000 and was incorporated as a non-stock corporation in 2003. Many of the charter members were grandchildren and great-grandchildren of six Ware siblings who left New Hampshire between 1823 and 1855 to settle in the rich prairie land in central Illinois. 

Over the next thirteen years, seven reunions were held in Butler, Illinois every two years. Cousins came from all over the country to meet each other and to share family history. However, at the end of this time, attendance began to decline. In the fall of 2013 the Ware Family Association members voted to discontinue reunions, dissolve the non-profit status, and become a web-based organization. The Association has no plans to continue the Ware Roots and Branches newsletter at this time. Digitalized issues of the newsletter are now available to the public on this newly revised website.


We hope that Ware researchers will find the the Roots and Branches newsletters interesting and helpful in their search for their Ware ancestry. The Ware Family Association has represented only a small fraction of the descendants of Robert Ware who are alive today. For a few years our organization cooperated with another branch of Ware descendants in Kansas, organized as the Independence Day Association, but that organization is no longer active.


Over the past decade, the WFA website has been viewed by numerous Ware descendants who have contacted people in our organization. We thank all of our Ware cousins who have assisted many Ware descendants in searching for their Ware lineage. As a result of these contacts we have learned much about many new branches on the Robert Ware tree. We hope that this website will continue to be useful to those searching for their Ware roots, and that information about new Ware branches will continue to grow.

The purposes of the association are:
– To collect genealogical and historical information about the descendants of Robert Ware
– To preserve family records, photographs and heirlooms
– To provide historical and genealogical information and educational materials to family members and to the general public
– To foster family friendships